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Track Research is part of Thoughtful Research LLC founded in 2009 and is headed by Bob Savage, its Chief Executive Officer. Track Research is a top-down macro market research team with of-the-moment trading ideas and commentary. Track Research hosts thought dinners and other events and is available for further market discussions and analysis. is the global marketplace for research ideas. It is a place where qualified contributors can share their stock, commodity and macro ideas with a unique group of institutional investors, high net worth individuals and other thoughtful market participants.

We are an independent platform for investment research and market ideas. Our content is submitted by highly qualified professionals with proven track records and a developed understanding of what is required to produce thoughtful research. We offer our contributors a unique distribution channel to a growing base of institutional money managers in search of top-quality, real-time research, as well as the general public. We provide filtering, messaging and alerting tools so that our readers can access what they want as soon as it is available to them.

Our management team has over seventy years of experience in financial services at top tier firms.

September, 26th 5:30 – 8:30 at the Track office (3 Park Ave, 30th floor)
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bob_savage_trackBob Savage Before joining as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Savage served as Managing Director of FX Macro Sales at Goldman Sachs, where he published widely-read and insightful research focused on the foreign exchange markets and the macroeconomic environment. As well as twenty-three years at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Savage worked as the head of New York Foreign Exchange trading for Lehman Brothers and as a Director of Proprietary Trading at Bank of America Securities. Mr. Savage earned a BA in Political Philosophy from Yale University.