Strategic Exchanges connects innovative markets to a select group of service providers that place a strong emphasis on impacts of regulatory change. Each consortium member provides services that offer unique views and solutions to help financial institutions navigate the new mandates.

Whether your business is under the threat of expropriation by a foreign government, in a shifting regulatory environment, having difficulty converting or transferring currency, facing attack by individuals or groups, or in a difficult negotiation with a government, Country Risk Solutions (CRS) enables you to better understand the environment in which you are operating and provides risk management tools to protect your business.

Among the services offered:
– Pre-investment due diligence: market entry and regulatory environment analysis
– Country risk analysis: geopolitical, macroeconomic, and security
– Political risk insurance: brokerage and advisory services
– Human intelligence
– Dispute resolution and arbitration
– Crisis management media training
– Risk management audits
– Expert witness services
– Strategic planning
– Portfolio management
– Country risk management training

CRS enables international businesses to anticipate change and take measures to control it. We help businesses manage country risk at every level of the risk management value chain.

Daniel_Wagner_Country_Risk_Solutions Daniel Wagner is the CEO of Country Risk Solutions (CRS), a cross-border risk advisory firm based in Connecticut (USA). He has a quarter century of experience managing country risk, is an authority on political risk insurance (PRI) and analysis, and has 15 years of underwriting experience with AIG, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), GE, and the World Bank Group.