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Easy Access to Actionable Data is Changing the Game

Financial Services is an information-intensive industry. As more and more information becomes available to business so does information overload, and soon data becomes so burdensome and complex that finding what’s actionable is a lot like finding a needle in a datastack.
Today, having all the data isn’t as important as having the right data. Getting easy access to the data you need, when you need it, without all the pain, delay and inefficiencies, is today’s way to move faster to insights—and get quicker to knowing.

With It You Win, Without It You Lose

However, without an easy way to access actionable data, the variety, volume and velocity of information will continue to grow and pile up, leaving behind lost opportunities to glean valuable insights.
Without a well coordinated and operated information supply chain, data analysts and scientists will spend up to 80% of their time ingesting and cleaning data, losing precious time that could have been spent evaluating insights.

Those that use an Informatics Platform, however, will be able to access data and put it to use
right away.

Philip BrittanPhilip Brittan, CEO: A serial entrepreneur, Philip has over 30 years of experience creating data and analytics products for financial companies. He was Head of Google Finance, responsible for building out Bloomberg’s FX business and CTO of Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk Division. A patented inventor and avid adventurist, Philip recently completed the rugged Bridger Ridge Run—at 9,596 feet.