Strategic Exchanges connects innovative markets to a select group of service providers that place a strong emphasis on impacts of regulatory change. Each consortium member provides services that offer unique views and solutions to help financial institutions navigate the new mandates.

Accurate, collaborative and portable, Metrixx provides real-time decision support analytics for the professional trading community in global exchange traded derivatives and OTC markets. Metrixx offers market statistics, analytic functions and can be charted dynamically.

A partnership with market data provider CQG allows the integration of more than 800 Q formulas. And a partnership with Trading Technologies (TT) is coming soon. Our mission is to provide a best of class solution that supports our client trading initiatives today and in the future.

Decision Support for Professional Traders: Metrixx offers accurate, collaborative and portable decision support and market analytics for professional traders in global exchange traded derivatives and OTC markets. All calculations are provided in real-time to provide a live resource to evaluate intrinsic market decisions.

Pre-Trade Analysis and Calculations: Professional traders can use Metrixx functions to determine the intrinsic price and relative value for the global fixed income markets.

CQG Integration: CQG client users can quote, chart and model Metrixx information in the existing suite of CQG functions. Metrixx has more than 800 Q formulas to allow traders to discover core values.

Professional Community: Metrixx provides direct access to information, service providers, online trader contacts and colleagues in a trader-centric information hub. Traders can meet in real time to exchange ideas and sell-side participants can expand their marketplace presence.

Jim_Marzano_metrixxJim Marzano Metrixx was founded in 2009 by Jim Marzano as a real-time decision support application providing professional traders, hedge fund managers and portfolio risk managers with the calculation tools and market analysis necessary to support trading strategies and complex algorithmic trading applications.