Strategic Exchanges connects innovative markets to a select group of service providers that place a strong emphasis on impacts of regulatory change. Each consortium member provides services that offer unique views and solutions to help financial institutions navigate the new mandates.

Vega Investment Technologies is a Derivatives life cycle management and data processing solutions provider specializing in OTC and Cleared-Swap products. Vega helps financial firms focused on asset management and asset servicing to be more efficient, automated, accurate and service oriented. The ‘Dolphin’ platform from Vega helps clients derive insights and simplify the management and processing of OTC derivatives.

Vega Investment Technologies was founded in 2010 to focus on providing solutions to Asset Management and Asset Servicing firms. Vega specializes in the area of post-trade processing of OTC,ETD and Cleared derivatives.
Vega has deep knowledge of key issues facing the industry participants in this area including Regulatory changes(Dodd-Frank, EMIR, etc), Business process challenges such as manual processing and IT complexity.
Our team brings expertise in the OTC,ETD and Cleared derivatives domain combined with knowledge of regulatory changes and advanced technology to enable these firms be more efficient, accurate and service oriented. We help these firms reduce time to market for new instruments enabled via efficient workflow and provide effective data management solutions.

In addition the ‘Dolphin’ platform from Vega provides firms with insights to simplify the management and processing of all derivatives.